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My Scrappy Halloween Quilt

I had started this quilt a few years ago from a batch of fat quartes and scrap fabric.  Over the years I have embellished the quilt with ribbon, buttons, etc.

I used 7 - 6" squares wide and 7 squares long. 

Code - "B" - Black, "O" - Orange Fabric, "MB" is 3 - 2" strips of Multi Color Black Fabric, "W" - White, "MO" is 3 - 2" strips of Multi Color Orange Fabric, "F" - Fabric piece 18"x18". "F6" is Fabric piece 6x6.

 Going Left to Right -

1st row - F6, O, MB, B, MB, O, F6

2nd row - O, MO, W, MB, W, MO, O

3rd row - MB, W, Fabric, W, MB

4th row - B, MB, Fabric, MB, B

5th row - MB, W, Fabric, W, MB

6th row - O, MO, W, MB, W, MO, O

7th row - F6, O, MO, B, MO, O, F6

I used plain coloured buttons at each corner, used halloween ribbon around outside border, I made the large fabric to look like a window.  I sewed black straight lines on the white fabric in a diamond pattern and then added Halloween buttons to each of the plain fabric squares.  I tried to make the outside squares interesting when cutting the 6x6 pieces.  I used 6 black fat quarters and three orange fat quarters.

This is a easy pattern that you can change the colour arrangement to give you many different looks.  But it was a fun learning experience.


Quilt Pattern

Kristen's Quilt

I used my little Quilt Wizard Program for this quilt pattern with a few adjustments but it had the overall look I want. 

The 1st block in left hand upper corner of the quilt had five strips of 2" strips with the darker color on the outside half of block ending with a floral fabric with is used in the inner border and five strips of 2" strips with the lighter colour.  Sew the five strips together with a 1/4" seam and make 6 strips of dark colours and 6 strips of light colours.

Using a triangle ruler to cut three pieces from each strip to make a 9" block and put aside the other 1/2 triangles to be used in another project.  You will need a total of 32 triangles to make 16 blocks.  Sew the a dark triangle to a light triangle (remember, you will be sewing on the bias) so make sure to keep the fabric from stretching.

After completing the blocks, layout in the following format to see if you like the layout.  Since the ladies help me sew the blocks, it was a little difficult to match the corners precisely.  So I put a inner sashing of green to compensate.  I sewed the inner sashing to all four sides to 4 blocks only (inner blocks).  I had the quilt layout and then put sashing on the appropriate sides of the remaining blocks.  You must go slow here because you can get mixed up here.

I squared up each block before sewing any of the sashing.  I then started sewing the blocks together starting on the left and working towards the right.  When all blocks have been sewn, I then added the inner border in one strip after I had squared up the corners again.  I then added the ourter border however it looked a little flat.  So I had some other border fabric where the greens/pinks matched and then added that to the top of the border.

I then added some appliques to emblish the quilt more and since Kristen loved pink, I added 4 "A" (for angel) in each corner.  Working inwards, I added some dragon flies and followed with embroidery hearts for the center.

This quilt can be made any size depending on you block size.  I used the leftover 1/2 triangles for some pillows we where working on.